Why Biomecare?

Your miraculous skin and its Microbiome

Your skin is an ecosystem, not a stand-alone organ. And it’s mind-bendingly complicated. It is made up of your microbiome and different layers of skin brimming with different molecules and different processes and reactions constantly occurring.  All this is then in continual communication with your immune system, your gut and even your brain.  Wow, it and you are amazing!

Respecting and working with this entire eco-system is a new way of approaching looking after your skin, especially when it comes to the microbiome, which has revolutionized our understanding of skin health.

Your microbiome is the invisible eco-system of microorganisms or microbiota (bacteria, fungi and viruses) that live not just on and but also within your skin. It differs by person and by location on the body.

Because it's new science. It was only through the arrival of genetic sequencing in the 2000's that our microbial world, and the skin microbiome, were able to be studied and appreciated.

The ‘discovery’ of the skin microbiome has revolutionised our understanding of skin, how it works and how to look after it. It’s proper science, it’s disruptive and it’s very exciting.
There is vast amounts of research taking place into the skin microbiome from Pharma companies, University research departments and governments, not to mention huge investment from venture capital and beauty organisations. Often focused on medical areas such as acne, dermatitis, wound healing and skin cancer, it is now being intensively researched for the personal care and skincare world.

It is a new frontier in health and wellness.

The microbiome has revolutionised the way we think about skin and is now known to play a crucial role in skin health.
Here are some ways it helps your skin:

  • Your microbiome is the first line of defence for your skin.
  • It forms a biological shield against transient pathogens and bacteria.

  • It is integral to a healthy skin barrier and healthy skin ecosystem. The two work together constantly to support each other and stay strong. The skin produces molecules needed for a healthy microbiome and the microbiome returns the favour by producing molecules to keep skin healthy and strong.

  • Signals from your skin microbiome can activate or de-activate skin responses and behaviour (wound healing, UV response, inflammation etc)

  • Lastly, your microbiome is in communication with your whole-body immune system and receives messages from it too. Skin microbiome health is thus linked to gut health, emotional and hormonal states as well.
Bottom line, healthy skin needs and depends on a healthy microbiome

Taking care of our biome is the most important thing we can do for strong, healthy skin. It is crucial to the skin barrier and healthy skin function. A healthy microbiome means skin stays better hydrated, is less prone to upsets and breakouts, looks more radiant and glows with health. It also means your skin is less prone to premature ageing. As with many areas of health, it is only when things start to go wrong that the microbiome's importance is apparent. A compromised, unhappy microbiome (dysbiosis) is associated with so many of the major skin problems we see today: the alarming rise in skin sensitivity, chronic dryness, breakouts, rosacea, acne, and premature skin ageing. In summary, caring for the microbiome is a pre-requisite for healthy, happy skin.

Because the microbiome is so vital to skin health and skin function, we believe it should now form the foundation of looking after your skin
Our microbiome first philosophy, and acknowledgement of its importance in this ecosystem, is why we call our range “Biomecare”.

Biomecare means putting the Microbiome first

The microbiome is now known to form an integral part of the skin’s ecosystem and to be vital to a strong skin barrier and overall skin health. We believe caring for the microbiome is fundamental to looking after your skin. Our microbiome first philosophy and acknowledgement of its importance in this ecosystem is why we call our range “Biomecare”. By actively respecting and supporting your microbiome Cultured and Biomecare represents a revolutionary way to care for your skin.