• Close up of the green leaves of the natural skincare ingredient, fermented micro algae.

    Fermented Micro Algae

    Our nutrient packed 'wonder broth' derived from fermented freshwater microalgae is a skin superfood that triggers skin growth factor (TGF) & skin thickening signals to revitalize, rejuvenate and strengthen the skin from within. It's prebiotic effect soothes, calms and rebalances the skin.

  • Close up of Lactococcus lactis, 3 turquoise bubbles each within a blue bubble.

    Fermented Lactococcus Lactis 

    A 'wonder broth' rich in vitamins, enzymes, peptides and minerals produced from fermented lacotcoccus lactis,.It relaunches the skin’s self-regeneration potential to offer 360-degree skin rejuvenating benefits. Accelerates and improves skin renewal, skin barrier function and microbiome health.

  • Close up of the blue translucent liquid of the skincare ingredient, fermented hyaluronic acid

    Fermented Hyaluronic Acid

    Smaller molecular weight and improved skin penetration it offers deep, intense hydration with an immediate plumping, smoothing and visibly lifting effect.

  • Close up of the prebiotic fermented Lactobacillus.

    Fermented Lactobacillus

    A potent prebiotic restores skin defences strengthens the skin barrier while soothing and calming the skin.

  • Close up of a milky white liquid.

    Prebiotic Inulin

    A prebioticderived from Chicory and Agave acts as a counter-preservative that ensures the microbiome remains strong and diverse. It also acts as a intense hydrator that delivers faster, deeper and longer lasting hydration than hyaluronic acid,

  • A cluster of bubbles in a blue/green liquid with a light source shining behind them.

    Fermented Algae (Plankton)

    A 'wonder broth' derived from fermented Phaeodactylum, a marine micro-algae. It shields skin from urban life and pollution. Strengthens the skin barrier. increases hydration and provides skin-soothing benefits.

  • Underneath of a pink fermented mushroom.

    Fermented Mushroom

    Reduces the appearance of redness, boosts skin defenses and overall great for skin health. Fast action, soothing, cooling, calming effect.

  • Close up of yellow/orange bubbles.

    Fermented Black Tea (Kombucha)

    Rich in organic acids and vitamins restores skin clarity, smoothness and radiance.

  • Argan oil, a yellow oily liquid with bubbles.

    Fermented Oil Complex

    A complex of fermented argan, olive, shiunko, licoriceoils has higher antioxidant, nutritional and moisturizing power than regular plant oils with a lighter, silkier feel. Replenishes, soothes, balances, restores

  • Close up of fermented squalene, a pale blue liquid with bubbles.

    Fermented Squalene

    Derived from fermented sugarcane. Helps to hydrate the skin whilst softening and smoothing.

  • Close up of a fine white powder.

    Fermented Arginine

    Helps to keep skin firm, plump and smooth, also hydrates dry skin and restores moisture. An antioxidant with skin repairing properties

  • Close up of a yellow/orange translucent liquid with bubbles.

    Fermented Lactic & Malic Acid

    Gently resurface the skin improving radiance and evenness of skin tone. Kick starts skin renewal and regeneration