Why Cultured?

Cultured exists because of the scientific revolution that is microbiome science.

It has not only changed our understanding of our bodies, but more specifically it has forever altered our understanding of the skin, how it functions and how to look after it. It’s proper science, it’s disruptive and it’s very exciting.

We now know that the microbiome is integral to skin health and plays a vital role in the immune system. It also has the potential to radically improve the way we care for our skin.

Goodbye Skincare, Hello Biomecare

We became obsessed with microbiome science and the skin; we wanted to bring the world a skincare range that had microbiome science at its heart, that capitalised on the possibilities it offered to improve the health of skin and its appearance, as well as hopefully providing the psychological lift of feeling happy in and with your skin.

So, we have spent the last few years researching the microbiome and sourcing the most outstanding and effective actives. After endless rounds of formulation, Cultured Biomecare was finally born, offering a ground breaking approach to caring for your microbiome and your skin.