Cultured Philosophy

What does Cultured do?

To put it as simply as possible, Cultured empowers your skin. We believe the best way to keep skin fit, healthy and radiant is to empower it to be able to deal with everything that’s constantly thrown at it; to be able to stay strong, resilient and healthy.

In addition, your skin is an amazing organ that holds all the secrets of how to look great within itself, it just needs a little empowering help along the way to optimise its functioning and consequent appearance.


The Cultured Manifesto

Our skin-empowerment manifesto is how Cultured works with your skin’s entire ecosystem to deliver healthier, stronger skin that looks its best ever:

Care for the microbiome

Cultured supports and cares for your microbiome which is essential for healthy skin

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Support the skin barrier

In a symbiotic partnership with the microbiome is the skin barrier which is vital to skin health and proper functioning. Cultured helps strengthen and restore the skin barrier

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Optimise skin function

Ensuring optimum skin metabolism means helping skin renew itself, revitalise itself and produce the molecules needed to look its radiant, healthy best.

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How we keep your microbiome healthy

A healthy microbiome means stronger, healthier skin and an unhealthy microbiome is associated with skin issues from sensitivity to dryness, breakouts and rosacea. Here’s how Cultured cares for your microbiome:

Protect against disruption: We use a counter preservative that mitigates the detrimental effects of skincare preservatives on the microbiome. We also make sure our formulations are at a ‘ph perfect’ level for your microbiome to protect it.

Via Direct effect : We then selectively ‘feed’ the microbiota with broad spectrum prebiotics which ensure it stays in healthy equilibrium..

Via Indirect effect : We use actives that encourage and improve the microbiome renewal process meaning your microbiome is constantly topped up with a rich, diverse bacteria. Your microbiome renews from below just like your skin cells do.

How we keep the skin barrier healthy

The skin barrier is vital to skin health and skin looking its best. This is how Cultured keeps the skin barrier strong :

Protect against disruption. We avoid foamy, squeaky clean and skin unfriendly ingredients that remove vital lipids and molecules from the skin surface, and keep our ph levels perfect for the acid mantle

Via Direct effect: We supercharge the skin with moisture using both prebiotic hydration technology and hyaluronic acid. We use actives that repair skin barrier function, boost the lipid matrix and help prevent TEWL.

Via Indirect effect : We use actives that trigger skin thickening and the production of molecules vital to a healthy skin barrier. The skin barrier in effect becomes ‘tighter’, thicker and stronger. We deliver further barrier protection by mitigating the effects of pollution induced damage by the production of anti-microbial peptides within the skin.

How we optimise skin function

By optimising skin metabolism skin stays healthy, resilient and looking its best. Cultured helps skin optimises function as follows: 

Our formulas contain a complex of actives that boosts skin self-renewal. With skin renewal comes skin health and radiance.

A new-era blend of pre and postbiotics upregulates the production of key molecules vital for skin health including anti-microbial peptides, collagen, filaggrin and skin growth factors.

Our actives rebalance and calm the skin meaning skin is better able to defend itself.