Winter Skin: 5 Steps to Tackle Dry Skin
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Winter Skin: 5 Steps to Tackle Dry Skin


As we enter into the coldest months, our skin often becomes the battleground for harsh weather conditions. The cold air, harsh weather conditions, and indoor heating can leave our skin feeling dry, tight, and lackluster. But fear not! At Cultured Biomecare we believe that every season brings its own unique beauty, and with the right skincare routine, you can combat winter woes and emerge with radiant, healthy skin.

Here are our top 5 tips to tackle dry skin

Avoid hot showers: 

Although it’s tempting to jump into a scolding hot shower on a cold winters day, the high temperatures make it easier for your skin to dry out, stripping your body of its natural moisture and the oils that protect our skin.

Use non-stripping cleansers: 

Cold weather can compromise the skin barrier, making it more susceptible to irritation. Swap out harsh cleansers for a nourishing, barrier boosting formulas like our Biome One Cleansing Balm. Our fermented oil complex works to gently cleanse, strengthen your skin barrier whilst nourishing and hydrating. 

Use hydrating products:

Winter air is notorious for robbing our skin of its natural moisture. Combat this by making hydration a top priority in your skincare routine. Our Biome One Rich Cream is packed with super ferments and actives like fermented hyaluronic acid, fermented micro-algae and vitamin E. These super-hydrators work together to lock in moisture, ensuring your skin stays supple and radiant all season long.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated from within, drinking 2-3 litres of water a day. Water keeps your body hydrated, helping to maintain your skins elasticity.

Exfoliate dead skin:

Combat dullness by incorporating exfoliation into your routine. The Biome One Mask offers gentle exfoliants with ingredients like fermented malic and lactic acids, fermented succinic acid and azelaic acid to slough away dead skin cells, revealing a fresh, radiant complexion underneath. Use these products 1-2 times a week to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Try your facial oil overnight:

Take advantage of the night-time hours to repair and rejuvenate your skin. Using oils as an overnight treatment is a great way to restore the skin and lock in hydration. Our Resilience facial oil is formulated with nourishing ingredients to replenish, restore and hydrate your skin. Wake up to a complexion that feels soft, revitalised, and ready to face the day. 

This winter, don't let the cold weather steal your skin's radiance. With a targeted skincare routine featuring hydrating, soothing, and rejuvenating products, you can combat winter skin and embrace the season with confidence. Remember, radiant skin is not just a summer glow – it's a year-round commitment to self-care.

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