AWARD WINNER: 'Best Face Mask 2023'
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AWARD WINNER: 'Best Face Mask 2023'

We've just WON BEST FACE MASK in the Stylist Beauty Awards... 

To celebrate, we're breaking down 4 REASONS why people are loving this mask to reveal their best, most glowing skin ever... 



Skin that’s on the oily side is naturally more prone to enlarged pores and breakouts which are also associated with an unbalanced microbiome. The Biome One Mask uses potent skin renewing and regenerating ingredients, supercharged by the pioneering process of fermentation to speed up cell turnover, combat imperfections and reveal your best skin yet without harshness or microbiome disruption.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ and, just like the rest of your anatomy, it requires sufficient hydration to function properly. While our Biome One Mask is potent and results driven, it also provides the skin with the support it needs. Thanks to Fermented Hyaluronic acid and prebiotic hydrator, Inulin, this turbocharged mask floods the skin with long-lasting hydration. No thirsty skin here.


Biomescience is at the heart of all our formulations. Why? Because a compromised microbiome is associated with problematic skin. Our unique FutureFerments™ ensure the skin and its delicate eco-system are handled how they should be – with gentle yet effective skincare that kick-starts its ability to self-renew, rebalance and regenerate.



The more effective a skincare product, in this case, Biome One Mask, the less you need to put on your face to get results. Cultured’s sustainability ethos encourages less waste, allowing you to adopt a more streamline routine that’s better for your skin, and the planet.


What Stylist Said:

 Best Face Mask: Cultured Biomecare Biome One Mask

We love a relaxing face mask as much as the next person but to be awarded a Stylistbeauty award, a truly brilliant face mask has to offer so much more than a moment’s bliss. Luckily for us, this hardworking formula offers visible, long-lasting results. The gently exfoliating jelly mask combines succinic, lactic and malic acid to lift away dead skin cells, reboot healthy skin function and reduce the appearance of oiliness. 

“I was a bit unsure about this mask before I tried it because of the pre- and postbiotics mixed with the brightening acids, but it’s the best brightening mask I’ve tried in a long time,” says freelance beauty journalist Keeks Reid. “It was easy to apply, felt gentle on my easily irritated skin and made me look more glowy instantly.” It’s a skin reboot, perfect for brightening and rebalancing. A round of applause, please. 


Learn more about Biome One Mask HERE.

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